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Review: nKliq Cooling Pad Transforms Your Netbook Into A Home Workstation

The nKliq netbook cooling station stands as more of a cosmetic touch to the home office set up for a netbook - a convenient placemat for your netbook while you aren't out and about - than an essential computing tool. It's not often that you need to cool an overworked mini-laptop, but this netbook-specific station throws in enough add-ons to make it a worthy buy.

Crest Powerdock Charges Four Devices

If you play with your PSP while on the train, listen to your iPod in the office, and use your mobile to call your friends, then there is a possibility that you have to charge them all at the same time. Instead of plugging three chargers at the same time, why not use a single dock that can charge up to four devices at once?