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Fake Boobs And Story Stealing Land Fairfax Scribes In Hot Water

Fairfax journalists Vanda Carson and IT scribe Asher Moses have both found themselves in hot water recently, Carson for wrongly reporting that a former tech PR consultant Vivienne Dye had received a $20,000 payout for workplace bullying from her former employer Vodafone and had spent it on a "boob" job and Moses stands accused of "Stealing" stories from other technology web sites.
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Siemens Sack PR Company As They Struggle To Get Traction

Siemens who late last bragged that they were set to become the #1 home phone vendor in Australia simply because they were "European" up against Asian made brands like Uniden and Panasonic have sacked their public relations Company after only a few months and appointed an unknown Melbourne based Company Greta Donaldson Publicity in an effort to crank up exposure for the struggling European brand.