CE + Appliance Suppliers Set To Benefit From WA +SA Push By Aldi
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Australian distributors who are supplying Aldi with consumer electronics and appliances are set to get a massive lift in sales as Aldi looks to spend $750 Million pushing into Western and South Australian.

Organisations such as Tempo and Laser Corporation are set to

benefit from the brutal battle that is currently being played between


Also set to benefit distributors and CE and appliance vendors

will be the emergence of Aldi arch rival Lidl, this is the discount chain which

just beat Aldi to be named Britain’s best supermarket.

Lidl, ranked by Deloitte as the fourth-largest retailer in

the world with $128 billion in annual sales, has already met with several

distributors in Australia as well as branded CE and appliance vendors.

ChannelNews has also been told that Woolworth’s management

are looking at the implementation of dump bins in their supermarket stores similar

what Aldi does to shift products such as TV’s, small appliances and tools.

A report prepared for Woolworths acknowledges that the mix

of food and other goods such as discount cosmetics, tools and clothing has

helped Aldi build traffic especially when stores are located in locations that

generate high traffic during lunch times.

Currently Woolworths is selling mixed stock via their

struggling Big W and Masters stores.