Chrome Grabs 1% Of Browser Market In 24hrs
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Talk about hot chrome–Googles new Chrome browser has already grabbed 1% of the browser market in its first day, according to a Web metrics provider and a report in

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Net Applications has put “Chrome’s total market share at around 1%, less than 24 hours after the browser’s launch, passing rivals such as Opera and Netscape in the process”, according to the report.

Net Applications noted that Chrome “jumped from zero to 0.4% during the hour it was released yesterday. Nine hours later, Chrome accounted for 1% of the browsers used to visit the 40,000 or so sites that the company monitors for clients”, according to the report.

So with 1% of the market, Chrome has already overtaken Opera, which Net Applications measured with a 0.74% share at the end of August.

But Chrome still has a little bit to go if it wants to overtake Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which held a 72.2% share of the browser market last month, said Net Applications earlier this week, while Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari owned 19.2% and 6.4%, respectively, according to the report.