Cisco To Snare Massive Oz Contract
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Network Company Cisco are set to be a big winner as Telstra allocates more than $2 billion dollars to a new IP network

CISCO are set to snare a multi million dollar contract to supply Telstra with a new IP based network. Telstra boss Sol Trujillo said that he had today spoken to CISCO CEO John Chambers in the USA About the deal. David Thodey the Managing Director of Telstra business told SHN that the CISCO IP based technology was crital in delivering a new IP based network for business in Australia.

Telstra CFO John Stanhope said that the Company had allocated in excess of $2 billion dollars in CAPEX expenditure for the new network that will allow Telstra to deliver an array of new services to business that spends between $10,000 and $100 million dollars a year with Telstra.

Telco equipment vendors Ericsson and Alcatel were also named as a major technology partner going forward.

Software vendors Siebel and Accenture have been recruited to handle the company’s new software platforms.

Telstra says it has awarded a number of contracts to build its new internet protocol network (IP) and third generation (3G) mobile phone platform.

The company said Alcatel and Cisco would build Telstra’s new IP network. Ericsson will build Telstra’s nationwide 3G platform. Chief operations officer Greg Winn said Telstra had selected a number of new vendors and strategic partners for the company’s growth.

“First and foremost Alcatel has been awarded the contracts for our next generation soft switches and most of our access platform,” he said.

Alcatel will be primarily responsible for Telstra’s network design, integration, product supply and ongoing support, Telstra said.

“Cisco is going to build our IP core,” Winn said.

“In our 3G area, we have selected Ericsson. They are going to build our nationwide 3G platform, along with a clear path to (future network innovations) super three and four.”