Clever Tech Sapping The Home Lives Of Workers?
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Multitasking and productivity are all touted in our latest smartphones and tablets, but are these features turning us into workaholics? A study has pointed to new technology as not just making workers more productive, but as sapping away their home life and even the commute to and from work.The survey by HR company Northgate Arinso found that two thirds of respondents have worked on their holiday, and more than half do the same at home. It also found that around a third worked during their commute to and from the office.

“Assuming a modest each-way commute of 30 minutes, this equates to five hour’s additional work per week that the employee is likely not getting recognised for,” said NorthgateArinso’s Australian managing director, David Page.

Half of the respondents agreed that technology had led to work invading on their personal time.

“Technology such as smartphones, Skype and instant messaging are all great productivity tools, but they must be applied sensibly, and people need to understand when to simply turn them off,” said Page.

“It’s way too easy to get sucked into being plugged in 24/7.”