The Commonwealth Bank has launched “Ceba” described as a “talking chatbot” which could handle phone requests to perform up to 200 banking tasks, including answering queries and making bill payments.

CommBank says Ceba will deal with requests such as “Can I have a copy of my statement?”, ” I want to open a new account” and “What is my credit card limit?”.

“What really sets Ceba apart is that it will be able to do banking tasks for customers, rather than just provide instructions on how to do it, and that you ask Ceba on the go, whenever and wherever you are,” Commbank says.

It says says the chatbot uses artificial intelligence to assist customers with more than 200 banking tasks, including activating a card, checking an account balance, paying a bill, or getting cardless cash – thereby perhaps relieving CommBank employees from the tiresome busines of  actually talking to customers with a problem.