COMMENT: Mosman Faces Being Wiped Out Within 12 Months
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Mosman is facing the real possibility that they could lose their identity in an amalgamated Council, due in part to the head in the sand lobbying being conducted by current Councillors.

In six months’ time the local Council area known as Mosman could well become a ward in an amalgamated Council consisting of Pittwater,Warringah, Manley and Mosman.

 The NSW Government led by Mike Baird a resident of Manly is determined to push through with the amalgamation of Councils in NSW and the merging of Manly, Warringah, Pittwater and Mosman is of particular interest to Baird who is close to Councillors in his own electorate of Mosman 

Voting as to who sits on this Council will be conducted by a population of approximately 300,000 residents of which only 30,000 come from Mosman.

There is now the real possibility that a combination of Pittwater and warringah Manly Councillors get to say what happens in Mosman which is a big danger for Mosman residents as some of these Councillors could well not have a clue as to where Raglan St or Avenue road actually is.

By sticking their head in the sand and refusing to look or even discuss at what an amalgamated Council could deliver for Mosman Councillors have spent tens of thousands running an anti-amalgamation campaign.

Three of those Councillors Peter White who ironically is not a resident of Mosman, he lives in Paddington and has a second home in Pittwater, Simon Menzies and Libby Moline are now moving to push for a motion calling on their fellow Councillors to immediately move to explore what options are available if Mosman is merged with Manly and Pittwater.

SmartOffice understands that Baird has been urging Mosman to “take one for the team” and support an amalgamated Pittwater Manly Warringah and Mosman Council.

Because of the size of Mosman, the risk of not getting representation either via the re-election of at least two of the current Councillors or new Councillors who have a vested interest in Mosman is real with even the name Mosman disappearing from the local Council landscape.

While the ward of Mosman would survive the people who are currently elected to represent Mosman would not due in part to their stubborn opposition to an amalgamation. This is despite the fact that Mosman is among the best run Council of several local Councils on Sydney’s North Shore.
SmartOffice understands that several local Mosman business executives including the former Woolworths CEO and now Chairman of Fairfax Media have been asked to lobby the Premier and the NSW Government on behalf of Mosman.

New South Wales Premier Mike Baird has refused to say what he would do with councils such as Mosman that have refused to amalgamate, but the Opposition said a letter sent to mayors was proof they would not have a choice.

Earlier this week most of the state’s mayors received a letter signed by the Premier praising councils that have “done the right thing by their community and agreed to merge”.

The State Government gave councils a deadline of next Thursday to respond. 

With the deadline looming, the Premier’s letter urged councils to “carefully consider” the interests of their community.

“Councillors that have demonstrated an ability to work together in reaching agreement to merge will have the opportunity to shape the future of their new council and serve the community until the end of their current term,” the letter reads.

Local Government Minister Paul Toole also defended the Government’s actions with amalgamation now set to become an ugly fight with the real possibility that the NSW Government will have to resort to legislation changes raising the possibility of a legal fight to get amalgamation through.  

What Mosman Councillors should have done is taken a ‘What’s

in it for us” approach and while lobbying against amalgamation had a plan

B up their sleeve that involved talking with both Pittwater and Manly Councils

as well as North Sydney.

Because when the shit hits the fan and Mosman has lost its

seat at the table where will the current local Councillors be other than out of

a job.