Could Harvey Norman Soon Be Selling "Pleasurable Devices" For Females?
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Could mass consumer electronics retailers soon be selling a new generation of “pleasurable devices” for females?

US Company Lioness claim that they are committed to giving women the best and “most pleasurable” experience technology available and that mass retailers should consider stocking their products for women alongside smart watches and fitness devices. 

A new female start-up the Company claims that women are falling in love with their products which they describe as a vibrating toy which has five different built in sensors. 

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“I grew up in a more conservative family from the Midwest and we never talked about sex,” Lioness CEO and co-founder Liz Klinger told the University of California’s Berkeley News recently. “And because I wasn’t able to ask questions early on, it only made me more curious to learn more about what was out there.”

Now the primarily female-driven start-up is working to bring the conversation about women’s unique bodies and sexualities to users everywhere including mass retail stores that sell technology. 

With Lioness’ sophisticated learning and tracking technology which is built into the Companies vibrating toys via five different built-in sensors, they can capture data via a connected app that offers insights into how each user can maximize her sexual enjoyment.

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Forbes Magazine said that If Lioness’ record with its ongoing Indiegogo campaign is anything to go by, women are feeling the love for the company’s first product. 
With one week to go, the team has cleared 188% of its flexible $50,000 goal, and Klinger explained by email that users are reporting just as much appreciation for Lioness’ problem-solving design features as its ‘smart’ capabilities. 

Fans of the vibrator have praised its travel lock (i.e. “no vibrators going off at airport security,” Klinger notes), its perhaps uncommonly straightforward control buttons, and particularly its low battery indicator, she says, which addresses a simple problem so that users will “never be caught with a dead vibrator ever again.”. 

In addition to using real-time and long-term data on users’ individual muscle responses, body temperatures, and other physical factors to help them get the most bang for their bucks, Lioness also stands to let users find patterns in their sex drives and experiences, which can relate to certain conditions (such as time of day) but also important personal health topics like menstrual cycles, mood, and levels of stress. 

If you are a retailer Lioness would love to hear from you.