Culture Key To Staff Retention
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IT companies need to consider company culture in the recruitment process rather than simply throwing money at the problem says one HR specialist.

Steve Grace, CEO of Fingerprint Consulting Services says that while IT companies are increasingly spending big money trying to retain staff, the smart players are re-assessing this practice and questioning whether they are hiring the right people in first place.

Grace says that candidate personality and motivation are important factors to consider when hiring staff, but despite the focus all too often is on the skills a person brings to the job.

This can be a major factor in recruitment at large companies and in outsourced recruitment where consultants or in-house hirers may not even know what sort of culture exists in the departments they are recruiting for?

As the nation’s skills shortage increases, recruitment agency usage amongst growing and established companies is certainly on the rise, but how many are using this outsourced resource to its full potential? The answer is, sadly, all too few, says Grace.
An employee who fits in with the company or departmental culture is more likely to stay with that organisation long term, even through the tough times. More so, a “culturally synergised department” will have better communication internally leading to a more effective workforce. But all too often this opportunity goes to waste during the hiring process.

Grace lays some of the blame on external recruiters who don’t push the issue enough, but its also a problem caused by the client not understanding the importance of supplying the right information, often just passing on a two-year old job description and refusing to allow the recruiters to talk to the line manager in charge of the position.

This one-dimensional briefing usually results in a ‘best fit’ for skills and experience hire with the consultants doing little more than asking a “standard set of behavioural questions, with perhaps one role-specific question thrown in,” sys Grace.

Precious little time is spent considering whether the candidate will bring that elusive and vital quality of cultural synergy to their new role.