Customers ARE Coming Back, Claims Telstra
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Telstra has woken up and smelt the disdain surrounding its brand.

In a complete turnaround from their previously near-monopoly position Telstra has woken up.

The hatred felt by many customers of their services is now being reversed under their Project New, Telstra’s $1 billion gamble to bring back customers who were previously leaving in droves to competitors like Vodafone and Optus, has changed eveything – and paying off in huge dividends, the Telco said today. 

The Telco acquired over a million (1.05m) new customers over the past six months alone – 919,000 mobile and 139,000 new broadband subscribers, a significant gain in an ever competitive marketplace. 

This in effect means the customer is coming back..and staying.

The gains come despite a 36 percent profit drop reported, although this was in line with expectations, the Telco said. 

Almost 80% of these broadband users were buying in bundles and the Smartphone holders are acquiring ever larger data packets and 32 % had moved to higher plans, said Thodey. 

Telstra users are still dealing with their infatuation with iPhones – 400,000 were sold on their network along with 290,000 Android devices.

70,000 Apple iPads tabs were sold in the period, although the number of Samsung Galaxy S tabs was much less. 


Telstra’s tills have also been ringing more meaning their strategy is moving on the right track. 

Other customer win-back initiatives under the Project New are on-call weekend technicians, more call support services on 24 hour availability.  

Customer service has “made good progress but has a long way to go ,” admitted its CEO David Thodey at the financial results announcement this morning in Sydney. 

Pleased with the overall results, Thodey said the company “feels comfortable where they are the moment.”