D-Link Announces Multifunction VPN And Firewall
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D-Link has announced a new high-performance multifunction VPN firewall for the enterprise and SMB sectors.

The manufacturer claims the DFL-1600 rackmount is easy to deploy as well as offering superior security.

The device securely controls traffic and content entering and exiting a business-class network. It isolates infected hosts that are generating unusual traffic using threshold rules, which monitor the number of connections per second.

It provides integrated NAT, advanced content filtering, intrusion detection, bandwidth management, OSPF routing and stateful packet inspection firewall, as well as VPN support, in a single box.

The DFL-1600 also includes six configurable Ethernet ports that can be used for LAN, WAN or DMZ connections.

Pricing is set at $5859, with one year of free security updates. After that updates are priced at $649 per year.

More information is available at www.dlink.com.au