D-Link Unveil The 'Swiss Army' Router
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D-Link has released a wireless router designed for USB sticks and is the size of a power adapter.

The D-Link all-in-one Mobile Companion (DIR-505) has an Ethernet and USB port, allowing users to convert their fixed home network or mobile USB dongle into a wireless network securely. The router will do everything you’d expect, with the added perk of sharing multimedia files wirelessly if you plug in a flash/hard drive to iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

It has four mobile modes, acting as a router, WiFi Hot Spot, Access Point or repeater. Check out the graphic below for a breakdown.

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Source: D-Link

The mobile companion was designed with travellers in mind, who value a functional, lightweight and space saving solution. An example of the versatility stems from the USB port, which will take the USB cable of a device and charge it. This saves travellers from having to pack two charging devices.

“We listened closely to the needs of travellers and mobile device owners who are looking for a versatile wireless networking device that is both compact and easy to install,” said Maurice Famularo, Marketing Director, D-Link Australia and New Zealand.

“Considering its size and versatility, the All-in-one Mobile Companion is like the ‘Swiss army knife’ of wireless devices, packing an assortment of wireless networking capabilities into a single device small enough to fit inside a pocket or laptop bag.”

Unfortunately, D-Link hasn’t released Australian pricing or availability for the router, but a spokesperson confirmed those details will be made available within the week so stay tuned for an update.