Defrag Increase Backup Performance
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Defragmentation (defrag) has an advantageous effect on the backup performance of systems, according to a new study.

The study, which was conducted by systems tool developer Diskeeper, found that the rime required to back up data from a typical hard drive volume can be decreased and the data transfer rate increased by performing a defrag prior to backing up.

Fragmentation occurs when the data on a disk is scattered around the disk in various pieces. The data can still be accessed, however additional time is required to find the data in a particular file when it is not contiguous, Diskeeper claims.

The study found improvements in backup time by up to 69 percent in a defragmented system – or nearly 1.7 times as fast.

Consolidating directories also improved backup performance, the study found. Times were improved by a further three percent for a local disk backup, and 41 percent for a network disk backup.

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