Digital Conman Leaves Another Debt Trail As Third Business Goes Belly Up
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He’s been described as a digital smartarse and conman, Jamie Silver, the founder and managing director of the Melbourne-based Dcodr Agency has done it again, gone broke leaving behind millions of dollars’ worth of debt.

Among his clients were retailers, consumer electronic Companies as well as brands like Albi, Go Switch, Wingman Airport Shopping. 

Silver, who is already looking for “The next opportunity” has been labelled a “conman” among the digital agency world after going broke with two prior Companies.

Several Companies are now chasing silver for unpaid bills. also left in the lurch are Dcoder staff. It’s also tipped that ASIC is set to take action against Silver a move that could see him banned or stopped from being involved in Companies in Australia.  

Jamie Silver

Silver and Dcodr hit the headlines last year after a developer took over the website of its client, Goswitch, accusing him of failing to pay an outstanding invoice, his latest debts are said to total over $200,000.

Silver is already denying that he has left behind a mountain of debt or that he owes $200,000. He claims that he is still trying to collect money from clients. 

Silver also claims that he is a victim of a fraud.

Visitors to the site that was hacked were greeted with the words “Pay Up Jamie” plastered across the home page along with the message: “Jamie at DCODR didn’t pay the developer of this site and has an outstanding balance of $2975.”

The hacker also uploaded a video of Rihanna’s music video Bitch Betta Have My Money.

mUmBRELLA claims that in December 2014, Silver took a company with an almost identical name to Dcodr Agency – Dcodr Pty – into voluntary liquidation with the business owing more than $532,000 to 12 creditors.

A report into the collapse by liquidators PPB Advisory was sent to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) “detailing offences that may have been committed by the Company and/or its officer”.
The liquidator said it was unlikely any creditor would receive any money.

ChannelNews has been told that Silver has been door knocking several consumer electronics distributors as well as specialist Hi Fi and consumer electronics retailers trying to get new work. 

Official documents show that in September 2014, three months before PPB was called in, Silver had registered Dcodr Agency with ASIC, a business which has continued to trade.

Silver also owes money to several IT contractors.

Ronnie Davies, vice president IT Solutions at Optimal Transnational, a company specialising in outsourcing and offshore solutions, told Mumbrella his firm is owed $13,000.

“We were told by Jamie Silver back in November that he was unwell and that his wife would be taking over and that she would be paying our invoices. But we have not been paid.

Along with the collapse of Dcodr Pty, it also emerged that another of Silver’s businesses, Pixel Light, also called in liquidators with almost $550,000 owed to five creditors when it went to the wall.

Pixel Light had its roots in another of Silver’s enterprises, Clear Light Digital, a company he had jointly founded in 2005.

According to Mumbrella, Former employees have provided information to ASIC accusing Silver of phoenix activity, a practice which involves the intentional transfer of assets from an indebted company to a new company to avoid paying creditors, tax or employee entitlements.

ASIC said it was unable to confirm or deny whether it was investigating Silver.

Silver also denied he was planning to set up another agency called Airside Digital.