Digital Radio Marketers Launch $10 Million Campaign
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Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) this morning revealed their marketing plans for the launch of digital radio broadcasting early next year, and by all accounts, they have opted for a soft, step by step approach to get the DAB+ off the ground as effectively as possible.

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Going with the slogan “Digital Radio – its radio as you know it – plus”, the campaign, along with the new powder-blue flower-like logo, is designed to act as a feature in all their marketing and advertising campaigns, which will encompass print, TV, radio as well as online and Point of Purchase campaigns.

Along with that, the CRA unveiled a new web site, complete with links to DAB+ participating retailers, radio stations and manufacturers, giving the marketing push a further dimension.

The nation-wide launch, which will cost an estimated $10 million will be rolled out in three phases in the first quarter of 2009 in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

The launch, which will be in three phases will start off as a teaser to raise brand awareness, with phase two outlining the features and benefits of digital radio and phase three will be designed to drive the usage of digital radio, with a yet to be announced launch event rounding off the marketing program.


Speaking at the launch, CRA head Joan Warner said that, “unlike other parts of the world, the CRA will work in unison with manufacturers, retailers, radio stations and other parties to ensure the success of the launch”.

And the delay in the rollout of digital radio has, has been blamed by Ms. Warner on the apparent delay in setting up the required infrastructure.

According to Ms. Warner, “when you talk about setting up five new transmission towers, there are only 3 dedicated licenced teams to do the job, so yes there have been some time setbacks”.

However Warner was adamant of the programs success, saying that by May 2009, “digital radio will be a reality”.