Don't Be Fooled: Facebook Scammers On Prowl
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Facebook has been invaded by a slew of scams so look out.The first promises to track Facebookers who view your personal profile, and comes as an event invite from one of your friends entitled ‘How to find your biggest fans”, which gives you a java script code to copy and tells you to Paste it in your URL address bar and click enter/return.

However, it turns out this ‘Facebook Profile Trackers’ is a total scam and users have even created a profile page of the same name, to warn other users not to fall into the trap and warns users to avoid ‘attending’ the trackers event as its is spam.

“There are only a few ways a profile tracker could actually work, and to my knowledge, the methods either don’t work or have been prevented from working by Facebook,”  it states.

So if you get e-mails like this ignore them as no such app available on Facebook that performs this function, although rumour has it a mobile app does exist.

In addition, fake Twilight: Breaking Dawn game app has been doing the rounds on the social network, which shows image and entices the user to click ‘play now’.

However, behind the button is a ‘like’ link, which spreads a rogue application virally across Facebook, according to reports.

Other frauds include being asked to join a group, invite at least 200 friends to join, and add the creator as a friend in order for anything to happen, which is just a trick to establish how many users they can fool and should also be avoided. 


Facebook users have been advised by experts to check what applications they have approved to have access to their account.