Dont Play Around: Asus Gaming Notebooks Arrive
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Notebook kings aren’t joking when they say their new batch of notebooks are serious about gaming technology.

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The laptop maker has gone into makeover mode in their workshops, unveiling new version of their Series G, K, N and VX7 machines with faster gaming and improved computing competenicies.

The new slew of notebooks, launched at CES, are built using Intel’s ‘Sandy Bridge’ new second generation processors, which promise to significantly improve game play and speed video encoding on systems without the need for a graphics card.

Video displays are also set to run in sync with the processing.

They also include Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, which enhances the performance of the machines and allows 8-way multitasking, Asus claims.

The new devices aimed at ‘Republic of Gamers’ include the new G53Sw and G73Sw models that come with built-in 3D HD display technology. 

The 17.3″ Asus G73Sw run on an Intel Core i7 2630QM 2.0GHz quad-core processor, comes with 8GB of RAM, backlit keyboard and a 1.5GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 460m graphics.          

It also has built-in Windows 7 Home Premium. However, the system won’t come cheap and starts at $2500.  


The G53Sw comes with a lot of the same features but offers a smaller screen size of 15.6″ and 6GB RAM.   

The laptop makers N series focuses more on audio capabilities, with its N73SV model summoning their SonicMaster tool for optimum sound, Bang & Olufsen’s ICEpower and Dual HDD bays, and retailing for around $2200.

The revamped K Series of notebooks uses IceCool thermal design to ensure better cooling and a new input experience for mobile users.  

The Taiwanese brand won two accolades at this year’s awards in both the notebook and tabs categories; – for their U43Jc Notebook and Eee Slate EP121.

It has yet to be confirmed by Asus when the devices will hit Australian shores.