DreamGear Creates Ultimate Portable Powerpoint
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dreamGear launched a portable battery that can fully charge an iPad two times over at CES, all while charging another four USB devices.
The i.Sound Portable Power Max by dreamGear is a 16,000 mAh battery that can charge up to five USB-powered devices at once. dreamGear boast its ability to charge an iPad two times over or an iPhone 11x with its own single charge. It also sports a built-in flashlight for finding cables in the dark.

The Power Max is the top unit in i.Sound’s portable battery range and is the ideal solution for road trips where a single cigarette lighter won’t suffice for more than just a single GPS navigator.

With its LED indicators for battery life, multiple ports and rectangular composition, the Portable Power Max resembles more of a router or portable HDD than anything else, but could be a life-saver on long trips or for anyone constantly draining their phone battery on the move.