Dropbox Reaches 500 Million Users
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Dropbox has marked the 500 million user milestone, having initially launched to the public in September 2008.In announcing the milestone via a blog post, Dropbox emphasised how users are working together, stating that since it started users have created 3.3 billion connections by sharing with each other, which in the last year represents a 51 per cent jump.

Among new accounts, Dropbox states 44 per cent were opened when existing users introduced people to Dropbox.

Meanwhile, 75 per cent of users come from outside of the US, while Dropbox is used in 8 million businesses.

“Even though Dropbox is based in the US, our last 100 million users have come from all over the globe,” Dropbox states. “Brazilians, Indians, Brits and Germans join Americans at the top of the list of new sign-ups.

“The businesses on Dropbox, too, are making it a truly global community. Swedish distiller The Absolut Company and Japanese advertising/PR agency Dentsu are just two of the companies using Dropbox to bridge gaps with colleagues around the world.”

Dropbox has 150,000 paying businesses, while 25,000 businesses are being added per quarter.