E-signs Bring Message To NSW
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E-signs, which can change within the hour, are beginning to sprout on Sydney streets.

The NSW Road and Maritime Services agency has inked a deal with Slovenian vendor Visionect to use its digital signage to ease the chore of changing signs to reflect coming events, according to The Register Web site.

“The technology came about through staff who saw the potential of e-reader technology to display real time information about clearways to manage traffic flows during special events,” an RMS spokesperson said.

The agency “successfully advocated to US based company E-ink to be involved as one of four global partners to trial their proprietary EPD (electrophoretic display) technology on applications other than e-readers.”

“Staff then sourced various technology providers to assist in the development of the electronic hardware required to support the E-sign design.”

Some 15 of the signs were successfully trialled on George Street in the Sydney CBD and a second rollout has since been completed in the Moore Park area, centre of many major sporting events.

The signs are hitched to a solar panel, equipped with wireless broadband and updated remotely as needed.