eDealer Groupon Lands Down In OZ
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US eDealer operating under the name Stardeals launches in Oz.

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First it was Cudo, Spreets and Jump On It.

 Then Asian owned Jigocity joined the ‘deal of the day’ possie late last year. 
Now Groupon, not to be confused with competitor Zoupon,  is here promising Australian online shoppers jaw dropping group deals on “surfing lessons, dance classes and upscale spa treatments.”

“Stardeals will change the face of local collective buying, leveraging the best practices Groupon has pioneered in more than 40 countries around the globe,” the company said last night in a statement.      

First launched to US audiences in November 2008, Groupon was one of the first to spearhead the online deals movement, and rejected a six billion dollar take-over offer from Google late last year, proving how lucrative the sector has now become. 

The basic premise of these edeal sites is the more the merrier – offering discounted deals if take up among users who sign up for daily deal alerts is high enough. 

This takeover bid by Google was in spite of the company founded by Andrew Mason having reported revenues of just $500 million last year.

However, the move has not been without its hiccup s- another firm had already registered the Groupon name in Australia, forcing them to use the domain name Stardeals.


“We’re thrilled to introduce our network of 60 million subscribers to the world-class merchants of Australia,” said Rob Solomon, president and chief operating officer of Groupon Inc.               

“Stardeals joins the Groupon network which serves nearly 60,000 merchants in more than 500 markets and 42 countries.”

The service currently covering just Melbourne and Sydney with plans to expand to eight more territories in coming months.

Previous reports suggested the Chicago based company was already encouraging to sign up to its email database in Australia as early as last December before the impending launch.

Already over 2,200 people have registered their ‘like’ of its Facebook Australia site.

The No. 2 player, Living Social, abandoned plans to start from scratch in Australia, opting instead for a joint venture with an existing company, Jumponit.