EMC & IBM To Go Head To Head
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EMC & IBM could well go head to head as Big Blue tries to enter the SMB back up market. The move could also cause from problems for Veritas now owned by Symantec.

IBM will shortly unveil software that will continuously back up information on the PCs of small and medium-sized firms. In a sign it is serious about winning more business from firms with less than 1,000 staff, IBM has adapted its corporate Tivoli product for the SMB market.

EMC who recently took over the management of Telstra’s storage operation are also planning to offer a daily back up service for as low as $2.00 a desktop. This could well see them battling with IBM for SMB market share. Smaller firms are often poorly protected in the event of a computer crash, virus attack or other disaster. The IBM Tivoli solution will be able to back up work on laptops from staff on the move. The enterprise market is not seeing the high growth…we are seeing in the small and medium-sized market said Dianne Macadam, analyst at DataMobility The IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files software will copy data within seconds of it being entered or changed on a PC or a more powerful server computer, IBM she said.

Growth market

Many rival crash recovery products only back up information several times a day. According to Reuters, the software will be announced on Friday and go on sale on September 16, costing $45.00 per laptop or desktop PC and $1200 per server processor – servers often have two to four processors.

“The enterprise market is not seeing the high growth rate that we are seeing in the small and medium-sized market,” said Dianne Macadam, an industry analyst at US-based DataMobility Group. “Small and medium-sized businesses are contending with a ‘data avalanche’, vulnerable to computer viruses or crashes,” Ron Riffe, IBM’s director of storage software strategy said. In July, IBM reported a 6.6% gain in second-quarter profits – topping market estimates – but sales dipped 4% to $22.30bn after it sold its personal computer division to China’s Lenovo.