engin PC VoIP Based On Intel
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engin has announced its new VoIP solution for PCs ( in collaboration with Optima) will be based on Intel technology. engin said Intel technology will facilitate easy integration of VoIP connectivity to desktop PCs.

Optima, engin and Intel have developed a built-in peripheral, which, they claim, enables users to make VoIP calls through their standard telephone by using an existing PC broadband Internet connection.

“We are excited to be working with technology experts Intel and Optima on widening the reach of VoIP in Australia and making inexpensive phone calls an increasing reality for home and small business.  Today’s news illustrates the massive levels of support driving the VoIP movement as it becomes a telephony method of choice for Australians,” said engin CEO, Ilkka Tales.

engin said its new ‘solution’ will be made available on selected models of Optima’s desktop PCs later this month and will include the Intel 600SM PCI Phone Adapter. The Phone Adapter claims to offer a complete VoIP solution, including hardware, software and services. It also features an analogue telephone adapter on a PCI card that is compatible with engin’s Softphone.

Intel’s Philip Cronin said, “Intel recognised growing use of VoIP in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide, early on. To facilitate even greater and more efficient use of VoIP among and between consumers and small businesses, we are delivering the 600SM PCI Phone Adapter to connect these users and to advance the concept of seamless integration in the digital office.”