Engin To Offer TiVo And ADSL2+
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Engin will be expanding its broadband offerings with the announcement that it will become a primary distributor of TiVo in Australia, as well as start providing customers with ADSL2+ broadband through a deal with Optus.

Engin believes the new arrangements will see the company lead the market in a combined “triple-play”, offering VoIP, TiVo and internet access via a high speed broadband connection.

“With the ability to provide high speed access, combined with leading voice services and distribution of TiVo, Engin is uniquely positioned for the digital home,” said Seven Network’s Rohan Lund. “Today’s combined announcement executes on the strategy to evolve Engin into Australia’s leading broadband services company.”

Engin will be a primary distributor of TiVo in Australia and exclusively manage mass retail distribution. The company will also coordinate product development and marketing of the TiVo brand, as well as manage the TiVo website and direct sales efforts, under the agreement.

TiVo, the successful personal video recorder in the US will be introduced to Australia early in 2008 by the Seven Media Group. TiVo will be broadband connected and open up access to a growing collection of IP content and applications on the TV, the company says.

Meanwhile, Engin’s new wholesale deal with Optus for ADSL2+ broadband will mean the company will provide a bundled DSL service to its customers.

“Engin will allow customers to ditch the middleman and have their line set-up exclusively for broadband and Internet telephony, cutting both telephone and access costs and allowing customers a single point of contact if they need help,” said Engin CEO Ilkka Tales.