Epson To Roll Out Interactive Projector
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Epson is set to launch a new ultra short throw projector that can turn any surface into a communication tablet. The Epson 450Wi is aimed at classrooms and will provide interactive capabilities to students.

According to Epson, this projector integrates interactive functionality in one machine without the constraints or expense of an interactive whiteboard. The 450Wi can project images up to 96-inch in native WXGA, uses an ultra-short throw projector design that claims to eliminate many of the common problems of interactive systems such as an intrusive classroom footprint as well as eye glare, and has a new mount designed for simple wall installations.

“Anchored close to the wall, you can project extra-large, 80″ images from just 2′ away,” says the company.

In addition, the projector works on almost any surface “an existing whiteboard, a flat wall, even a chalkboard with dry-erase paint. Interactive capabilities are built into the projector and not into a board, so virtually any surface will work”. 

Finally, its interactive pen works like a mouse on your PC/Mac. “It is software agnostic and Web 2.0 friendly. Similar to a computer monitor, the open architecture allows users to use, share, and engage with virtually any software, digital media file or e-textbook,” concluded the company.