EXCLUSIVE: Alcatel Takes #3 Slot In OZ Smartphone Market After Apple + Samsung
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The smartphone handset market which for years have been dominated by the likes of Apple, Samsung and HTC has a new player in the form of Alcatel One Touch who has snared the converted number three slot in the third quarter.

According to new IDC data obtained by ChannelNews Alcatel

One Touch which is a Chinese Company owned by TCL, who are better known for

their TV’s, has taken the number three slot with 154,720 smartphone sales.

Apple who sold 924,626 smartphones in the third quarter took

the number one slot while Samsung took the number two 2 slot with 619,894 of


One of the big losers was Sony who only managed to sell

6,139 smartphones following big recalls due to poor quality issues.

Another big loser was LG with their G4.

The Korean Company who only managed to sell 47,999

smartphones was beaten by several brands including the Telstra house brand,

ZTE, Microsoft Windows phones and Huawei.

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Two weeks ago LG’s PR department was peddling a press release

bragging about how many clicks their G4 social media campaign got. Now it

appears that the campaign branded the #G4Recommender campaign, was social media


It is tipped that Huawei who recently rolled out a major

marketing initiative for their new P8 smartphone is set to pick up significant

market share according to analysts due in part to expanded distribution across

carriers and mass retailers.

Alcatel One Touch also scored the #3 slot in the Australian

premium handset market with their highly popular Android smartphones.

In the Australian feature phone market Alcatel One Touch who

are tipped to change their name to simply Alcatel captured the number two slot

with 70,400 units. Telstra were number one with 95,629 units. 

THE ROCK STAR: The below video campaign was produced by 4SQUARE +a division of 4Square Media.