Amazon “Really Soon” is set to be 2.00pm on Thursday 23rd of November 2018 according to a ‘Confidential’ email in the possession of SmartOffice.

Earlier today suppliers to Amazon Australia were sent a confidential email indicating that they had to be ready to go live at 2.00pm on Thursday.

Eight days ago Amazon Australia CEO Roco Braeuniger was telling Australian suppliers that Amazon Australia was due to launch “Really Soon”.

This is the date that most retailers in Australia have been waiting for.

The move by the big US retailer could change the retail dynamics for Australian retail “forever” claim analysts who have recently moved to downgrade most listed retailers in Australia.

The email sent to brands who are participating claims that Marketplace participants who have passed their Seller Identification Verification have got to be prepared to receive orders “from this point onwards”.

Those brands that are not ready for the official launch of Amazon in Australia, have been told to set their accounts to “temporarily inactive in Seller Central”.

ChannelNews understands that hundreds of brands are set to have products available via the Amazon Marketplace consumer electronics and appliance distributors.

A recent audit of Harvey Norman consumer electronics and appliance brands has revealed that more than 50% of the brands they are currently selling will be available on Amazon with distribution being made possible by a combination of CE distributors including Ingram Micro, Synnex, Dicker Data, Linfox as well as via Amazon’s own distribution centre.

In recent days Amazon is believed to have been flying goods into Australia, they are also stocking goods shipped into their Melbourne based Australian warehouse from Asian manufacturers.

One concern for Amazon is the falling Australian dollar, ChannelNews understands that Amazon may have hedged their exposure to the falling dollar which one industry CFO said “This will be okay for three months. But as the dollar falls to $0.65 to $0.62 to the US dollar they will start to have raise prices”.

An email seen by ChannelNews said “To prepare for the launch of the Amazon Marketplace in Australia we will start an internal testing phase with a small number of customers on Thursday 23 November 2017, 2pm AEST. Once you have passed Seller Identity Verification you will be part of this testing phase and you should be prepared to receive orders from this point onward.

As your products will be able to be purchased, please make sure your pricing and stock is up-to-date and that you have completed:
1. Shipping settings
2. Your ABN/VAT/GST Number
3. Bank account details

If you do not wish to participate in this testing phase you have the option of setting your seller account temporarily to inactive in Seller Central (Settings > Account info > Listing Status > Going on a vacation).

In the lead up to the launch of Amazon in Australia we will provide updates via email regularly. Please make sure you read these emails as they contain important information. Please remember all information you receive is confidential.