Fairfax Management Changes
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Fairfax has stopped short of bringing its online and print mastheads together, but taken a step in that direction.

The company has announced to a new structure to the ASX that sees most of its online classifieds move out of Fairfax Digital and combine with their print counterparts.

Meanwhile Fairfax’s powerful New Zealand classifieds site Trade Me will now come under the auspices of Fairfax Digital boss Jack Matthews.

But the link-up does not yet cover editorial. Andrew Jaspan, the former editor of The Age complained in a radio interview after he was ousted that he had no control of the online masthead.

Under the new set-up – described by CEO Brian McCarthy as “evolutionary” – Fairfax has been divided into operating groups based on metro, regional, business publishing and online.

The key management roles include:

Jack Matthews – Fairfax Digital
Lloyd Whish-Wilson – Sydney publishing
Don Churchill – Melbourne publishing
Michael Gill – Fairfax Business Media
Allan Browne – Australian regional publishing
Grant Cochrane – Agricultural publishing
Allen Williams – NZ publishing
Ken Nichols – Illawarra, Newcastle, ACT publishing
Graham Mott – radio
A Fairfax insider told Mumbrella: “This is not revolution. There will be increasing integration of print and online as we go forward, but it will be a step-by-step process.”