Fast IS Best: Samsung Galaxy S II Sells 5 Million As Unleashes In China
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Galaxy S II is selling fast, says Samsung, as it lets rip in China.

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The dazzling new Galaxy S II smartphone, unleashed in Oz in May, with its super fast 1.2GHz processor has nudged past the 5 million mark, in just 85 days. 

But startling sales of this much hailed Gingerbread handset is no surprise, considering the rave reviews it has been given. 

The second generation Galaxy S is one of the fastest handsets available on the market today and viewed by many as iPhone’s most serious competitor, but with better specs. 

The super thin (8.49mm) handset running on Android Gingerbread has 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus screen technology, boasting  the largest and most colourful display available on any Samsung. 
It was also the fastest selling phone in history in Samsung’s native Korea, in what it says is an “unmatched performance.” 

The 5 million mark was reached 40 days faster than the original Galaxy S took to hit the same figure. 

This looks to accelerate even further as the Koreans get set to unveil ‘II’ to China, the world’s largest market and a US release has been pencilled in for sometime in August. 

This teaser of Samsung’s performance announced earlier today, comes as it gets set to release its end of year financials, which one analyst believes will top Apple’s stellar iPhone 20.34 million latest quarter sales. Neil Mawston, from Strategy Analytics believes the Korean maker could hit highs of 18 – 21m unit handset sales. 

“In just a few months the Galaxy S II  has led the way in driving Samsung’s unmatched performance in the smartphone industry” said  JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business. 


“Since being launched into the retail market in late April, the Galaxy S II has seen tremendous growth.”

 This reflects the strong support from carrier partners globally, who in choosing the Galaxy S II as their flagship device have reaffirmed the device’s status as a premium, market-defining Smartphone.”