Fastest Wireless Modem Hits Telstra Stores
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Australian business users can now have access to the fastest wireless broadband in the country as Telstra begins to sell its Next G Turbo 21 Modem.

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Telstra claims that its Next G Turbo 21 Modem is up to four times faster than competitor mobile broadband devices in Australia with typical download speeds ranging from 550kbps to 8Mbps. See our review of the modem here.

Telstra Business Group Managing Director, Deena Shiff said, “The faster speeds now available on the Next G network with the new Turbo 21 Modem will mean businesses can continue to stay ahead of the game at this crucial time. The bottom line is that businesses can get more done, more quickly, when they need to on the move.”

The launch today of the Turbo 21 Modem in Telstra’s retail outlets follows the successful roll out of the device to several thousand Telstra business customers last month. One customer who trialled the new device is John Nayler who runs an online information business, from his yacht off the north Queensland coast.

“I was able to load a video onto the internet in minutes while driving north of Rockhampton,” Mr Nayler said. “The combination of coverage, speed and ability to process many things at once while on the move is invaluable to my business.”

Telstra will also this week be making available a new Telstra information service to help customers understand the various broadband technologies offered by Telstra, how they differ and the typical internet speeds customers will experience under various circumstances. The new service will be available under the ‘Internet’ tab on