FBI Uses Digital Billboards For Most Wanted
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The FBI is using a digital billboard network in the US to display “wanted” messages and recruiting information, expanding the reach of this important law enforcement tool to more locations across the country, according to reports in the Wall Street Journal.

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“As this versatile, digital technology has proven successful in apprehending criminals across the country…,” said Amy Jo Lyons, FBI Special Agent in Charge, according to the reports.

Digital display technology is being embraced by many US municipal governments as “the technology affords transportation agencies, police departments and other emergency services an extraordinarily effective means of quickly reaching people away from their homes with important public safety messages”, the WSJ reports note.

The immediate notification of severe weather conditions, highway closures due to traffic incidents, disaster preparedness needs, or AMBER Alerts for missing or abducted children, can all be delivered to tens of thousands of motorists in real time by using these digital billboards.

“Nine months into our national program with the FBI, we’re now also starting to help inform the public of the FBI’s top 10 most wanted on digital displays across the country,” said Paul Meyer, President and Chief Operating Officer of the digital billboard vendor, Clear Channel Outdoor. “Our partnership with the FBI to use our digital networks to assist in the apprehension of fugitives and provide other critical security messages is a logical extension of this indispensable technology”, he told reporters.