Fetchtv IPTV Lands In OZ $15 Westnet
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ISP Westnet is offering IPTV fetchtv service in regional Oz for the first time.

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The “subscription TV service” will show local free-to-air channels and movies via the internet. And good news for TV fans: no quota restrictions.

The IPTV service, which starts from $14.95 per month, includes a state-of-the-art HD set top box that comes with a one terabyte hard drive and three HD digital tuners to record, pause and rewind programs.

Westnet will offer two plans to cater for both members on Westnet’s high speed ADSL2+ network or National Broadband Network – fetchtv 2, and those on ADSL 1 – fetchtv 1.

The introduction of fetchtv is set to change the face of television in regional Australia says Westnet’s Chief Technology Officer, Greg Bader.

“We offer a quality control guarantee, so there are no pixilated screens or buffering delays – it’s crystal clear television on your TV, on demand.”

Fetchtv 1, from $14.95 per month, offers the latest release movies from the major Hollywood studios, access to all local digital free to air channels and a huge on-command TV library.


Fetchtv 2, from $29.95 per month, includes everything fetchtv1 offers plus access to a wide range of subscription channels including National Geographic, Nat Geo Adventure, MTV Music Television, E! Entertainment Television, CNBC Australia, BBC World News, Animal Planet, Discovery Science and more.

The Western Australia-based ISP, owned by iiNet, Westnet has around 220,000 subscribers currently.

iiNet was the first ISP to launch the IPTV service late last year.