FireFox Mobile Photos Surface
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We have some exciting new pictures of Mozilla’s upcoming smartphone OS, but we doubt Apple and Google share our enthusiasm.

Mozilla is best known for their alternative web-browser, FireFox, but now they want to bring more internet to the smartphone with their upcoming operating system. It’ll be based on HTML 5 and judging by the UI screenshots provided Mozilla enthusiast Robert Nyman, the new software is definitely something to get excited about.

GSMArena note the apparent influence Android and Apple’s iOS has had over the maturing software. The notification drawer first appeared on Android, while the homescreen UI is subtle ode to iOS.

The software is still in development and, according to Nayman, “changes all the time.”


It is expected FireFox OS will be sold first by Brazillian telco Telefonica in early 2013.

Speaking at the launch of Firefox OS, Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs described the project as a continuously evolving platform reminiscent of the romance found in open-standard Linux.

“The introduction of the open mobile OS continues the Mozilla mission to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web for users and developers. As billions of users are expected to come online for the first time in the coming years, it is important to deliver a compelling smartphone experience that anyone can use,” explained Kovacs.

The operating system will directly compete against Samsung’s Tizen (Linux Mobile), iOS and Android.