First Green Web Host
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Many people don’t realise that hosting a Web site leads to carbon gas emissions, which has a damaging effect on the environment.

However ilisys is now claiming to be Australia’s first ‘green’ Web hosting company after achieving carbon-neutral status.

Hosting a large number of Web sites requires a large amount of electricity, which in turn usually results in carbon gas emissions.

However ilisys claims to use 100 percent renewable solar and wind energy to power its data centre and headquarters, which negates the effect.

The company hosts sites for over 18,000 organisations, which uses over 200,000KWh of electricity per year. If this were powered by traditional electricity sources it would result over 140,000kg of carbon dioxide to be emitted.

With Australia boasting one of the highest rates of greenhouse gas emissions in the developed world, carbon-neutral Web hosting is something for environmentally conscious businesses to consider.