First Review: World's Slimmest LED Monitor
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The BenQ V2420 is a Full HD monitor with LED backlighting. It not only offers excellent images, but can also save you money with its Eco Mode.

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The glossy black finish of the monitor gives it a classic look. The unit measure 15mm at its thinnest point and the circular base is connected to the body by a thin neck. It comes with a D-Sub, HDMI, and DVI port at the rear, allowing users to connect it to analogue and digital sources.

The V2420H does not have any speakers, although BenQ has included a 3.5mm jack to allow users to connect their headphones or speaker system.

The V2420 has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, allowing us to enjoy Blu-ray movies in Full HD. Various dark scenes on Close Encounters of the Third Kind looked good, with the monitor being able to display darkly lit areas (found on the last few scenes of the movie) and grey hues without problems. Fast moving scenes were rendered quite well, with the V2420H minimising ghosting.


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In order to get the perfect picture quality, users would have to manually adjust the settings. If you do not want to fiddle with the settings, BenQ has six proprietary technologies to calibrate picture quality. The Senseye 3 offers six pre-set modes (Standard, Movie, Game, Photo, sRGB, and Eco) that aim to render images that ‘fully accommodates the capabilities of the human eye.’

The Senseye 3 settings work well if you adjust it prior as we encountered instances where text documents were blurry only to find that it was set to ‘Photo’ mode.

Saving energy is another highlight of the V2420H. According to BenQ, this LED screen reduced power consumption by up to 44 per cent compared to CCFL-backlit models. When placed in Eco Mode, the company claims that it reduces power consumption by 71.8 per cent. This makes it the perfect monitor for those who want to save on electricity costs.

Overall, the BenQ V2420H is an LED monitor that not only delivers, but can also save you money. It is available now for $479.