Fonality Virtual Phone System For SMBs
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Fonality’s Connect is a contract-free monthly phone system and service over the Internet that includes unlimited free calling and can be deployed and operational in minutes.

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According to the company, Connect has been developed for businesses of all sizes but is ideal for companies with up to 20 employees. With a fixed monthly fee that includes handsets and unlimited local and national calls, and zero up-front investment, Fonality Connect enables business owners to budget their monthly telephony costs accurately.

Fonality’s Vice President of International Sales, Marc Englaro said, “Business owners are moving away from services with variable costs. They want to know their costs in advance. Fonality Connect enables them to have a clear view of their monthly phone costs and does not require a costly, initial capital expenditure.”

Fonality Connect has been designed as a ‘plug-and-play’ solution, with minimal technical expertise required to get the system up and running.

“Many small business owners are not technically minded and most would rather not worry about the technical details of the phone system,” added Englaro. “Fonality Connect is very easy to set up by almost anyone and in most cases is operational in a matter of minutes.”

Fonality Connect is available in Standard Edition and Team Edition, which also offers an upgrade to advanced call centre features usually reserved for high-priced, big business phone systems.

Fonality Connect is available exclusively through Fonality Australia –