For When You Are Really Remote
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Intel Has announced a reference design for a rugged PC designed for Outback use.

At the Intel Developer’s Forum, Intel showed off a ruggedised PC which it hopes to see deliver computing and connectivity for the world’s remotest and developing countries. 

Intel was pretty hazy about whether anybody plans to use the design, neither confirming or denying if the concept platform might be developed by local PC makers in India or elsewhere.

On stage at the Forum, however, the company linked up via video link to India and demonstrated the “community computer,” in use.

The ruggedised device was said to be linking to the Internet via a WiMAX connection to demonstrate the technology’s ability to provide high-speed Internet connections far reaching users to show its ability to unwire entire remote communities and cities.

The PC is designed to handle the toughest environments developing countries can muster including harsh climates, intermittent electricity, dust and bugs. The laptop contains special screens and filters to reduce the amount of dust and insects that might enter the box and cause reliability issues. The computer has also been designed to handle extreme heat that exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit (more than 38 degrees Celsius).

It can also rely on a car battery as a back-up energy supply in case electricity supply is sporadic.