Forget Phones - Optus Jump On Smart Money Train
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Optus gets smart with Business SmartPay secure payment gateway. Business SmartPay is a managed bill payment system for retailers and financial institutions and Optus is the first ever telco here to get in on the act.

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Forget smartphones, SingTel owned Optus is now a smart payments partner for many leading financial institutions with SmartPay. 

So, what is it? “SmartPay provides a secure, automated end-to-end payment solution that allows your customers to make payments over the telephone, the Internet, or via your call centre 24 hours a day.” 

It also provides billing solutions, multiple payment options and reporting. 

The managed out-sourced solution is the first payment gateway from a telco to attain PCI DSS compliance in Australia and New Zealand, Optus said yesterday. 

This means it has Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) approval, which helps to protect against fraud, hacking and various other security vulnerabilities and threats. 

According to the Reserve Bank, Australians are embracing online payments in droves – with 60 percent of Aussies paying most of their bills online.

And the the biggest deterrent to making payment online is the fraud risk, so Optus says this seal of approval negates these online risks. 

“More and more people are transacting online, so protecting their personal data is critical,” said Trudy Holtzhausen, Acting Director, Fixed Products and Marketing at Optus Business.

“As the payments partner for many leading financial institutions, Optus wants to help its customers stay at the forefront of security standards.”

The certification required the telco to prove it could build and maintain a secure network with strong access control measures and ensure protection of cardholder data. 

Additionally, it must regularly monitor and test its networks as part of its vulnerability management program.


Optus partnered with ANZ Bank as its strategic partner to support the efforts to meet this global security standard.