Forget Westpac, EFTPOS Never Breaks: Tyro
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As Westpac St George payments systems go hay wire, Tyro has waded into the debate over the debacle insisting its systems never fail.
Payments provider Tyro has jumped to deny ABC reports that both Westpac and St George customers were experiencing with its EFTPOS transaction payment system.

It also insisted the problem was easy to fix and “not rocket science.”

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“In this day and age, an EFTPOS outage is unacceptable, Tyro claimed in a statement issued this morning. It went on to insist “eliminating EFTPOS failures or interruptions caused by components failure or even scheduled maintenance is not rocket science,” in a clear dig to its banking rivals.

Its terminals switch over automatically between four switches in two secure data centres all running live.”

“For EFTPOS users there is never an impact, even when a component fails and in reality they do occasionally.”

Even during high traffic periods like Christmas shopping “there is no decline in response times” it claimed.

BRW’s No.4 fastest growing business in Australia, Tyro, says it is “only new entrant competing successfully with the Australian major retail banks” in providing EFTPOS service.

It runs two data centers live, which it says eliminate the costly failure of business disruption should the system fail.

The crash, which is currently affecting thousands of retailers and Westpac and St George consumers alike who are unable to process transactions, affecting ATM, EFTPOS and online transactions.