Free AVG CD Recovers Infected PCs
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AVG has released a free Rescue CD that will allow users to recover computers that are unable to boot or infected by malware.According to the company, the AVG Rescue CD is a Linux-based boot utility with essential AVG security software already integrated. It is available to all customers (including AVG Free customers) and can be downloaded and burned onto any CD or DVD, or extracted directly onto a USB flash drive.

Upon booting a damaged computer using the AVG Rescue CD, the software will automatically mount all hard drives of the computer and scan them for viruses and malware. It will also automatically restore a safe network connection to the computer.

For advanced users, the AVG Rescue CD also includes a Windows Registry editor, a TestDisk utility for recovering deleted files and lost partitions, a file browser for navigating folders, and a Ping tool for basic network diagnostics.

AVG’s Marketing Manager, Lloyd Borrett said, “The AVG Rescue CD has been a must-have toolkit of essential utilities for system administrators and other IT professionals for many years. It’s fantastic that it’s now freely available for anyone to download and use. All AVG paid customers using the AVG Rescue CD can phone our local technical support team for full support.”