Free Condom Like Protection for Apple iPhone 4
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Apple has finally come clean in admitting that their new iPhone 4 has major antenna problems and that they “screwed up” the design of the phone. Their answer is to offer consumers a free rubber cover to protect the phone

CEO Steve Jobs at a rare press conference called to address the issue after mounting criticism said last night “we are not perfect” during a presentation at the company’s US headquarters. The Company has sold over 3,000,000 phones during the past two months.
 Facing up to criticism over the reception issue and antenna design of its recently launched iPhone 4, Apple admitted the phone drops more calls than the previous version.
The big question now is will Australian’s buy the phone when it goes on sale in Australia on the 30th of July 2010, the device is already on sale in the USA and Europe?  
Apple “screwed up” with the signal algorithm of the phone, Jobs at Apple’s press conference last night. He said that there was no “antenagate”.
If the device is launched in Australia consumers are expected to be given a free protective cover, or bumper. In the USA anyone who has already purchased a bumper will get a refund. 
“To customers that are having problems, I apologise to them,” Jobs said.
Despite the problems he said it was “perhaps the best product made by Apple.” He also admitted that 1.7% had returned their phone.
Apple admitted that their new iPhone 4 lost signal strength when touched in the lower left corner which is where most consumers grip the phone.
Not to be outdone Apple revealed a video of their competitor’s phones including the BlackBerry Bold Earlier this week the US organisation Consumer Reports said that they could not recommend the phone for consumers.
of the device, weakens the device’s signal.
The rubber bumpers will cost Apple around $3 each and freely distributing them would cut into its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings by 2 cents a share said the Wall Street Journal.