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Months ago SmartOffice Reseller’s prediction that LCD monitor prices have been falling at least all year, has been confirmed and now prices are set to go up.

DigiTimes reported LCD monitors vendors CMV, Acer and BenQ will raise their prices for 17-inch and 15-inch LCD monitors, starting from the second half of August, according to the companies. Quotes for 17-inch models from CMV have increased NT$200 (US$6) since the middle of August while prices for its 19-inch LCD monitors remained unchanged.

Acer lowered its 19-inch model prices NT$100-200 (US$3-6) earlier this month, however the company increased prices for its 17-inch LCD monitors NT$100-150 (US$3-5) and it will also raise prices for its 15-inch models NT$150 (US$5) in the second half of August. The company also stated it plans to further raise prices for its 17-inch and 15-inch LCD monitors in September.

BenQ has raised prices for 17-inch and 19-inch segments NT$200 (US$6) and NT$100 (US$3), respectively, early this month. Due to the upward trend of 17-inch LCD monitor panel pricing, the company stated it also expects prices for the 17-inch segment to rise next month.

The average selling price for 15-inch and 17-inch LCD monitors panels picked up to US$142 and US$170 in the first half of August, up from US$122 and US$160 in the first half of April, respectively, according to WitsView Technology.