Free Tool To Destroy Virus On PCs
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BitDefender is offering a free tool for consumers that is capable of disinfecting all versions of Downadup (also referred to as the Conficker worm).Available at, this domain is also the first to serve a removal tool without being blocked by the threat, claims BitDefender.

Once a PC is compromised, the worm disables Windows Update and blocks access to most anti-virus websites in order to prevent the user from disinfecting the PC. The full name of the virus is Win32.Worm.Downadup.C, and it spreads using a Windows RPC Server Service vulnerability.

The worm itself is not new, but this new version is proving to be more resistant to disinfection.

“BitDefender Labs has been seeing an increase in worms, like Downadup, that have a built-in mathematical algorithm, generating strings based on the current date,” said Vlad Valceanu, BitDefender’s Senior Malware Analyst. “The worms then produce a fixed number of domain names on a daily basis and check them for updates. This makes it easy for malware writers and cybercriminals to upgrade a worm or give it a new payload, as they only have to register one of the domains and then upload the files. It’s clever – and as a result of that quite dangerous also.”