Fresh Phones People: Woolies Flog Huawei, LG Mobiles On Optus
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The fresh food people are now the smartphone people. Welcome to Woolworths Mobile, powered by Optus, no less.

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Pictured: LG Optimus ME
And fresh off the Android batch are two new models, namely the Huawei Sonic and LG Optimus ME smartphones. 

Woolies new mobiles will carry $29 and $49 caps from the Optus network, according to reports. 

The cheaper cap will offer $500 worth of talk time with $250 for Optus-to Optus calls, while the $49 deal will give $1000 in calls. However, the call tariffs are said to be pricey. 

Both plans will also give a generous 5GB of data with a 45-day usage period.  

LG Optimus, 3 inch touch device already sold by Optus is to have an asking price of $138, according to Lifehacker. The Huawei will go for $188. Huawei’s Sonic will be running the latest 2.3 version of Android, however, it is not clear what version of Android the LG optimus will run.
Vodafone sells the same LG Android model on Infinite (calls and text) on plans ranging from $45 to $100. 

And that’s not all you can now buy as you grab a sliced loaf and litre of milk from the supermarket or Caltex service stations, also owned by the Woolworths group. 

Customers have already been able get their hands on the supermarket’s EveryDay Mobile $2 prepaid 3G SIM pack since 2009, which offers 0.15c texts, 30c calls with two basic mobiles Nokia 2323 and Motorola WX160. 

The $2 starter pack will also be required to activate the new smartphones. 

Woolworths, as owners of Big W and Dick Smith is no stranger to mobile retail. 

The latter recently reported a surprise upturn in CE sales figures – 7.1% – despite the dreary consumer momentum ailing Aussie retailing sector at present. 

This new partnership with Optus could see the mobile carrier increase its customer base considerably, considering Woolworth’s massive consumer reach. 

However, whether this venture will appeal to supermarket customers remains to be seen.