Freshtel Acquires Supplier
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ASX-listed VoIP service provider, Freshtel Holdings, has acquired it’s own outsourced R&D firm at a cost of $300,000.

Teragen International is the company responsible for working on Freshtel’s VoIP network and internal IT assets such as billing, e-commerce and CRM systems.

The company, already an integral part of the Freshtel team, was owned by a director in the company, Sebastian Filzek.

Filzek, Managing Director at Teragen said it was an “exciting time to formally become part of Freshtel’s success”. Filzek took no part in the Board’s decision to acquire Teragen.

Michael Carew, CEO at Freshtel said: “The outsource arrangement we had with Teragen has suited us well to date. Freshtel’s growth and success this year has meant that we have outgrown the need for that arrangement and we are now better served by having the complete resources of the R&D team in-house. The acquisition ensures that Teragen’s VoIP expertise is captured directly by us and will continuously improve our VoIP solutions.”

The new team will also work to implement and commercially launch the company’s white label solutions in the global marketplace.

Freshtel offers end-to-end white label VoIP solutions to wholesale customers globally through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Voicestream Network and Virbiage and has a direct-to-market retail channel through