Get Cash Back With Samsung Printers
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Samsung Australia is giving users up to $120 cashback for every printer or multifunction printer purchase.

According to the company, the cashback offer on selected business printers closes on November 30, 2009, while the promotion on selected consumer printers will be until December 31, 2009.

Selected Samsung models eligible for the cash back offer include:

Business Printers and Multifunction

ML-2851ND/XSA: $30
ML-2855ND/XSA: $30
SCX-4824FN/XSA: $50
SCX-4828FN/XSA: $50
CLP-610ND/XSA: $100
CLX-6210FX/XSA: $120

Consumer Printers and Multifunction

SCX-4521F/XSA: $25
CLP-315/XSA: $50
CLP-315W/XSA: $50
CLX-3175/XSA: $70
CLX-3175FN/XSA: $70

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