Google Humours Microsoft Efforts For Office 2010
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Google, who are now delivering low cost word processing and business software over the Internet via their Google Docs service, has said that business and home consumers will save a considerable amount of money if they avoid buying Microsoft’s new Office 2010 which is due for release tomorrow in Australia.

Google Enterprise President, Dave Girouard told Tech Flash in the US yesterday that if small medium business is considering upgrading Office with Office, He’d encourage former Microsoft Office users to consider an alternative by upgrading to Office with Google Docs. 
“If you choose this path, upgrade means what it’s supposed to mean, effortless, affordable, and delivering a remarkable increase in employee productivity. This is a refreshing alternative to the expensive and laborious upgrades to which IT professionals have become accustomed to.” He said.
One Google wag in the audience shouted out “Microsoft Office is a great product, and every business should have a few copies.”
Google’s contention is that businesses would be smarter to avoid Office 2010 and use Google Apps — in conjunction with a handful of existing Office licenses — to make the move into the world of online collaboration. 
In a blog syndicated by Google today they claim that Of course, Microsoft would contend otherwise, and that tomorrow Microsoft will be pitching the benefits of new social-networking and collaboration tools during the business launch of Office 2010.
Google claim that Microsoft is extending the Office Web Applications to Facebook through an initiative that it has confusingly named “Docs” — a decision that has left the Google folks scratching their heads.
In a report this week, analysts at the Directions on Microsoft research firm said “many new capabilities require coordinated upgrades of multiple products, which can complicate evaluating and deploying the new versions.”

And that’s the competitive opening that Google is hoping to exploit, offering up this comparative chart as part of its post this morning. The new Office 2010 software will be made available to consumers in June.
For information on Google Docs follow this link.