Google TV Hits OZ
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Sony is the first to bring Google TV to Australia.

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Described as “TV meets the web,” Sony’s Google TV gives the humble TV access to Chrome web browser, YouTube apps and games on “selected” BRAVIA TVs from Thursday.

Bravia Internet Player with Google TV brings the best of Google to the big screen, meaning you can search for online content, access Facebook, Twitter, news and other media, and has a “smart” remote – including track pad and full QWERTY keyboard.

It also offers access to Sony music and video entertainment services. Sony ‘s Google TV will be available from 28 June on some Bravia sets initially, meaning the maker may be looking for a wider rollout soon.

Rival Samsung are also rumoured to be launching a similar service, soon.

“There’s smart, and then there’s smartest – and that’s what we think Google TV offers consumers who want the ultimate connected, big screen experience at home,” said Carl Rose, Managing Director, Sony Australia and New Zealand.

And it looks like Oz is even getting the service ahead of UK, which will hit there in July.

“Combining Sony’s strength in TV and Google’s power in web, we are truly proud to be the first Google TV partner in Australia.”