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A HD videoconferencing pilot on NBN announced today will improve Australian’s access to services, the government said today.

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The pilot will give Australians remote access to government services that may not be readily available locally including Medicare, Child Support and Centrelink via the $36 billion high speed National Broadband Network.

The high-definition videoconferencing, allowing users communicate with service delivery personnell, can only be delivered over high-speed broadband networks like the NBN, the Department of Communications claims.

The pilot will commence this year, with a focus on improving the Department’s of Human Services (DHS) service including health, education and financial services.

“This pilot will be particularly beneficial for people in regional locations or families and customers facing social disadvantage who may find it otherwise difficult to get to a DHS Service Centre,” Minister for Human Services (and K Rudd supporter) Senator Carr said.

Minister for Broadband, Senator Stephen Conroy, said the pilot will cut the cost of service delivery.

“The NBN will enable us to put the needs of Australians at the very heart of Government service delivery, while lowering the costs of actually delivering those services,” Senator Conroy said.